Connect Concox GT02A GPS tracker to TeraTrack platform
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Concox GT02A

Tera Track - Concox GT02A
Server Integration
Server IP
Port 6002 or 6023
General information
Purpose Vehicle
Installation Professional
Weight 45g
Size 90mm x 45mm x 14mm
Cellular network type GSM/GPRS
Please SMS to the SIM card number which used in the GT02A. GMT,666666,E,0# APN,666666,APN name,APN user,APN password# (If apn user,apn password not needed, do not write) SERVER,666666,0,,6002,0# TIMER,666666,,time# (time in seconds) to the corresponding SIM number of GT02A. 10s is in minimum and 18000s (5 hours) is in maximum. Note: Please use Device ID instead of IMEI. For example: Usually it consists of 11 last digits from IMEI plus leading zero. For example, if IMEI number is 123456789012345, the unique id would be 056789012345. Update 2016.07.22: If above configuration does not work, please send these sms commands: Timezone#e0# Apn#apnname#apnusername#apnpassword# (sample: #cnet#) Ip# Upload#10#