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A camera that records
sounds and images both
outside and inside your car
Tera Track - Dashcam Product
Terra Track - Proof of an accident
Proof of an
A picture can help prove you were not responsible for an accident or traffic violation. It can also help expedite a claim with your insurance company
Terra Track - Improve driving behavior
Some dashcams offer a feature that raises an alarm if the driver does not have his eyes on the road. This feature will motivate drivers to stay focused and ensure that they are not busy checking their phones or falling asleep behind the wheel
Terra Track - Monitor The Usage Of Your Car
Monitor The
Usage Of
Your Car
Installing a dashcam can be an effective way to keep a watchful eye on how your car is being driven. This feature will extremely benefit employers who own a fleet of vehicles. Pictures will be automatically captured when harsh driving is detected
Terra Track - Protect Your Car While It’s Parked
Protect Your
Car While It’s
When your car is bumped or hit, the dashcam will automatically begin to record the incident, which will help you find out exactly what happened to your car if it was damaged while parked
Tera Track - Interior Camera
Interior Camera
Monitors the activity
occurring inside a vehicle
Tera Track - External Camera
External Camera
Captures all angles outside your
vehicle and eliminates blind spots
Tera Track - Dashcam Capture Live Pictures
Live Pictures
Capture images in real-time or in case of an incident using a connected camera with GPS tracker

Tera Track - Dashcam Integrated GPS
GPS records accurate speed and location data for your DashCam while driving, which will enable you to track your vehicle’s exact location, route and speed, and watch it all on playback

Tera Track - Dashcam Intelligent Parking Mode
Intelligent Parking Mode records any bump or physical movement on the vehicle when left unattended

Tera Track - Dashcam Black Box
All pictures are stored on the server and on the SD memory card to be retrieved in case of accident
Impact detection
Most dashcam include a G-sensor or accelerometer in order to sense bumps, impacts and any sudden acceleration or deceleration.

The images will then be automatically stored and cannot be overwritten
Impact Detection