Connect Coban GPS306 GPS tracker to TeraTrack platform
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Coban GPS306

Tera Track - Coban GPS306
testtesttest Coban GPS306 is an OBDII tracker, that can be is easily installed into diagnostic port of a car. GPS tracker takes power from it and can also read vehicle data such as speed, engine RPM, coolant temperature, battery voltage and more.
Server Integration
Server IP
Port 6092
Protocol adm
General information
Purpose Vehicle
Installation Not required
Special form factor OBDII Dongle
Weight 60 g (2.12 oz.)
Size 64.5x50x27 mm (2.54x1.97x1.06 in)
GNSS Location
Internal antenna (GNSS) Yes
Cellular network type GSM Quad Band
Internal antenna (Connection) Yes
Cellular network generation 2G
ACC/Ignition input Yes Supported
Hardware features
Battery capacity 200 mAh
Built-in battery Yes
Emergency button Yes Supported
Non-volatile memory Optional
Hardware extras
Emergency button Yes Supported
Voice listening Yes On Request
Tracking features
Tracking modes Continuous
Location by Cell ID Yes Supported
Events monitoring
Battery low Yes Supported
Self monitoring
External power source voltage Yes Supported
CAN/OBDII reading
CAN/OBDII reader type Yes Supported
CAN/OBDII parameters Fuel level, fuel consumption, engine RPM, throttle position, speed, coolant temperature and other
Check engine light Yes Supported
DTC codes reading Yes Supported
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMS Yes Supported
Remote device configuration Yes (over GPRS) Supported
Device ID type Static (IMEI)
Forced GNSS location update over SMS Yes On Request
Message exchange format ASCII
CE Yes