Tera Track - The Top Samsara Alternative in 2020
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The Top Samsara Alternative in 2020

GPS tracking is a huge industry, with more businesses depending on GPS tracking solutions to power their business, secure their equipment, and improve its efficiency. Beyond that, GPS tracking equipment is also getting more powerful each year, offering world-class features in more compact sizes.

In the US alone, there are more than 190 companies that focus specifically on GPS tracking software and hardware. 2019 data from IBIS World showed that those 190 companies earned a total $4 billion revenue in just one year.

And that industry is set to grow year-over-year at 2.7%, which means that it’s not showing any signs of stopping anytime soon.

Telematics and GPS tracking software

Now, when you’re working in the GPS tracking industry, you’ll come across the term telematics pretty often. While it may sound like an archaic term, telematics is pretty simple: it just refers to the different types of wireless technology that helps power navigation and GPS tracking equipment.

When thinking about telematics, people willl often be talking about GPS tracking software – once they’ve bought their GPS tracking devices, they’ll need reliable software to get the most use out of those devices.

This goes beyond the simple GPS tracking device and software that’s in your pocket – your phone. Businesses all around the world, such as fleet managers, use GPS tracking software to optimize their transportation and delivery routes, prevent fuel or equipment theft, and much more.

TERATRACK benefits

TERATRACK is a popular GPS tracking software and fleet management solution that’s helped hundreds of thousands of users all around the world in various industries and business sectors.

It offers loads of benefits, but let’s look at the top 3 that will help show why it’s such a great Samsara alternative.

1 Award-winning services

In 2018, TERATRACK was awared with not only one, but three awards from the independent B2B and SaaS platform FinancesOnline.

TERATRACK was awarded the Expert’s Choice Award for the high quality satisfaction of needs for the B2B and SaaS markets, the Supreme Software Award because of its extensive knowledge of the industry and customer needs and the high quality of its service, and the Great User Experience Certificate for the high level of user experience provided.

2 Great pricing options

There’s no need for you to figure out TERATRACK’s pricing, since it’s pretty simple and clear. It starts from just €99/month for tracking 1-100 objects with no contracts, plus the option to cancel or upgrade at any time. You can also opt for the lifetime plan that has unlimited tracking for just a one-time payment.

3 Works on any device

Last but not least, TERATRACK’s software can work with any device, which makes it perfect for any industry or fleet size. This includes the biggest GPS tracker manufacturers, with support for 900+ GPS tracking devices and sensors.

Bottom line

And there you go, the best Samsara alternative for 2020: TERATRACK tracking software. With great award-winning services, support for any device and clear pricing options, it’s easy to see why TERATRACK is the top alternative for Samsara.