Tera Track - User guides
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How to start using the TERATRACK.COM software ?

Look at our list of supported GPS trackers here, and find out if your device is supported by GPS tracking software, if not please contact us.
If you do not have GPS tracker, you can buy one from our online shop. Also your Android / iPhone / Windows mobile devices can be transformed into GPS trackers with Mobile GPS Tracker application.
1. Click here and create TERATRACK.COM account
2. After you login, add your GPS tracker to your TERATRACK.COM account. Enter your device "Name" and "IMEI" number
3. Configure your GPS tracker to send data to TERATRACK.COM servers. 
4. Make sure GPS and Internet connection is activated on the device. Wait for the device to get a satellite fix (this can take some time and it is best achieved outdoors with clear sky). 
5. After some minutes your GPS tracker will appear on the TERATRACK.COM map.
This is what you need to do in order to get your own GPS tracking software for an attractive price online. GPS tracking software support big amount of GPS tracking devices. Everything you need for tracking you can find in TERATRACK.COM website.