Connect Bitrek BI520RSE GPS tracker to TeraTrack platform
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Bitrek BI520RSE

Tera Track - Bitrek BI520RSE
BI530RSE is designed for GPS monitoring and control of the vehicle in ONLINE mode with support for the connection of additional sensors. BI530RSE determines coordinates, speed, mileage, collects data from additional equipment and sensors, and transmits all information to the server via a GPRS channel.
Server Integration
Server IP
Port 6027
Protocol adm
General information
Purpose Vehicle
Installation Professional
Weight 75 g (2.65 oz.)
Size 96x77x14 mm (3.78x3.03x0.55 in)
Waterproof class IP54
GNSS Location
Internal antenna (GNSS) Yes
Cellular network type GSM 900/1800
Internal antenna (Connection) Yes
Cellular network generation 2G
RS485 interface Yes Supported
Number of outputs 2
Number of inputs (all types) 4
ACC/Ignition input Yes Supported
Discrete inputs Yes Supported
Analog inputs Yes Supported
Frequency inputs Yes Supported
Hardware features
Internal temperature sensor Yes Supported
Tracking features
Tracking modes Continuous
Odometer Yes Supported
Self monitoring
Network operator ID Yes Supported
Network roaming status Yes On Request
GNSS signal level Yes Supported
External power source voltage Yes Supported
Internal battery level Yes Supported
Remote management
Server connection setup over SMS Yes Supported
Remote outputs control Yes