Tera Track - The top 12 GPS tracker brands in 2020
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The top 12 GPS tracker brands in 2020

Today’s GPS tracking technology has become affordable, easy to use, light and versatile. Perhaps you’re looking to simply protect and track your beloved new car, or you’ve lent it to a friend and want to know where it’s at. Or maybe you manage a large fleet of vehicles and need accurate data to save on fuel, monitor drivers or optimize routes. Either way, there’s a solution out there for you.

GPS trackers will do much more for you than just precisely locate the position of your vehicle. Some trackers will protect your vehicle against theft thanks to their integrated remote fuel cut-off, or vibration detectors. Others will let you monitor the behaviour of your drivers with overspeed alerts and other precise logs.

Today, we’re reviewing the 12 most popular GPS trackers currently out there. Note that since all these GPS tracking companies have a proven track record of excellence, we’re not listing them here in any particular order. Without further ado, here are our 12 most popular GPS tracker brands in 2020.

1. Teltonika

Teltonika has been in the business of GPS tracking and vehicle networking solutions for over 18 years. The company offers a large number of products to cater to every need. They also design services for new hardware destined to customised solutions. And because they are such a cool brand, they have extended their manufacturing capacities to be able to produce for other electronics firms as well.

As a result, Teltonika’s products range from fleet management and security solutions, to IP cameras and in-vehicle routers, as well as GPS trackers that go from basic plug-and-play devices to full blown fleet trackers. Whatever the client may be looking for, there is a Teltonika product for it. And this is why it is one of the most popular GPS tracking brands on the market.

2. Ruptela

Well-known around the world for their quality, Ruptela has already manufactured over 1 million GPS trackers, which speaks to the company’s impressive growth. The company creates GPS trackers for both heavy and light vehicles and serves consumers, businesses, governments and NGOs alike.

Ruptela’s GPS trackers can handle CANbus and digital tachograph data, work on 2G and 3G networks, and some of their devices are plug-and-play connecting directly to the OBDII socket of the vehicle. For fleet management, Ruptela’s trackers are popular because they allow advanced fuel monitoring improve businesses and help them save time and money.

3 ATrack

ATrack Technology Inc. is a Taiwanese company whose GPS trackers are destined not only for cars, but also trucks, containers, non-powered assets, trailers or motorcycles. They are available in different versions: hardwired, plug-and-play, IP rated or as accessories. ATrack tracking devices are as such a globally well-known solution for GPS tracking.

The trackers will record all location data and distance that are then quickly sent to the main database for effective business management. They are available in plug-and-play to fit into a vehicle’s OBDII port and are all compatible with Bluetooth and 4G. ATrack technology is a popular solution because it effectively helps decision-makers to improve efficiency, employee management and cut costs.

4. Tkstar

Tkstar takes special care in creating one-stop logistics and fleet management solutions. Attentive to design, Tkstar offers top quality features beyond its hardware, in fact they even go so far as to offer long term warranty periods on their products. Tkstar’s GPS trackers allow for tracking vehicles by SMS, web tracking or even mobile and offer geo-fence, movement and overspeed alerts among others.

Their GPS trackers are waterproof and come with GPS and GSM/GPRS/CDMA capabilities. Tkstar’s technology is amongst the most popular because their tracking capabilities provides a crucial helping hand for managers and fleet administrators as much as for individuals car owners concerned with the safety of their car.

5. TrackingFox

TrackingFox introduces a lot of features making it one of the best GPS trackers on the market. Users will receive dependable information to locate their vehicle with ease thanks to TrackingFox’s highly sensitive GPS and GMS antenna.

Completely wire-free, compact and easy to use, you can set up geofence alerts to get notifications when the vehicle enters or exits a defined zone, movement alerts so as to be notified when the vehicle moves and even the ability to receive a notification when ignition is turned on. Now for the best part: the setup and installation are as easy as pie, the GPS tracker comes with a 2-year warranty and is low priced. But you will have understood it already, this doesn’t mean that it’s cheap.

6. GoSafe

GoSafe is a name that counts in GPS tracking and fleet management. Launched in 1999, the company creates effective hardware and software solutions to better private vehicle, fleet and personal tracking.

Their GPS trackers will provide accurate feedback and other important data. They work on 2G and 3G networks and come with G-force sensors, geo-fence management as well as support TCP and SMS so you can receive notifications directly to your phone. Gosafe’s fleet management capabilities are conceived with administrators and logistics companies in mind, offering dispatch, insurance telematics, vehicle location and recovery.

7. Concox

Concox has been around for 15 years and is one of the bigger names in GPS tracking, present in over 150 countries around the world. They offer vehicle trackers as well as personal and asset trackers. Pretty sleek, well-designed and allowing for discreet placement, Concox GPS trackers are small but compact — making them reliable for operation in cars, trucks, motorbikes and even ebikes.

Users can monitor the real-time location of their vehicles and enjoy features such as remote fuel cut-off, geo-fence alerts, SOS calls, overspeed alerts and data history upload among others. With Concox, users regain total control on their vehicle on the road, making it one of the most popular GPS tracker company.

8. Skypatrol

Skypatrol is often presented as the global leader in integrated GPS tracking solutions and has been in business for the past 17 years. Their proprietary hardware helps businesses to better monitor, optimise, and protect their cars, trucks, employees, and other assets. Speaking for its popularity is the fact that Skypatrol is a favorite among car dealers, outdoor and motorsports enthusiasts, fleet managers, and many more.

Many of their trackers have internal CDMA and GPS antennas, OBDII plug-and-play installation, accelerometers, overspeed management, GSM jamming detection, and others. All of that is supported by an internal battery offering long standing time and low power consumption. Companies can thus improve their communication, processes, employee handling etc.

9. Meitrack

Over 14 years in the industry, Meitrackis still one of the most popular, high-quality GPS tracking innovators and is rated as one of the top 10 GPS trackers. It focuses on personal tracking, private vehicle training, or fleet management.

Their trackers offer up to 80 hours of autonomy, a 3D acceleration sensor or a vibration detection power switch depending on the models, live vehicle tracking, detailed information reports, and geo-fence or overspeed alerts on all models. Thanks to Meitrack trackers, companies can relay commands and information directly to their drivers in real time without wondering if the information was received. Talk about peace of mind.

10 Quecklink

Quecklink counts clients all over the world, thanks to their expertise off the wireless module industry and service operator side. They offer fleet management, car tracking, mobile health care, lone worker safety, and the monitoring and control of various assets.

Many of their trackers have a two-way audio interface to help communication with drivers. These GPS trackers offer geo-fencing alerts and overspeed alerts and include internal GSM antennas, internal/external GNSS antennas, low power consumption and long standby time. Thanks to these accurate data and communication capabilities companies can assess their fleet processes, the effectiveness of their drivers, and make better business decisions.

11. Tramigo

Tramigo is without a doubt one of the most popular GPS tracking companies on the market, one of its trackers is even the best-selling tracker for vehicle and people out there. Created in Finland in 2002, Tramigo produces GPS trackers, control centres for fleet management, and family locators with SOS buttons.

With Tramigo products users can track almost anything, from cars to boats. They also design custom solutions — hardware or software — when their standard products do not meet specific client’s requirements. With their lengthy warranties, reliable and innovative hardware, free softwares and online fleet management services, Tramigo GPS trackers are one of the most complete solution for anybody’s tracking needs.

12. Galileosky

Based in Russia, Galileosky is designed to provide remote fleet monitoring services. It is compatible with both GPS and GLONASS (the GLObal Navigation Satellite System, which is the Russian equivalent to GPS), ensuring perfect accuracy anywhere in the world. Their robust hardware is backed by the company’s own warranty and technical support.

Galileosky’ s trackers work over 3G or Wi-Fi, each device is designed with a particular vehicle or situation in mind, is simple to install and configure. The trackers are battery-backed and self-charge from the connection to the vehicle.

There you have it, our top 12 most popular GPS tracking brands in 2020, put together so that car owners could never misplace their cars anymore, and businesses can gain more accuracy and improve processes and profits in the meantime.